Thrift store finds: Galactic Aliens, others.

Today after running I went thrifting for books. My idea was it would help distract me from eating and the walking/driving would burn some additional calories. At Value Village I found this for $1: It’s a hardcover art book by Alan Frank, from 1979. The cheapest I could find a copy on both eBay andContinue reading “Thrift store finds: Galactic Aliens, others.”

Reading, running, caffeine withdrawal.

I’m withdrawing from a three year caffeine habit and it’s limiting my ability to read, or do anything intellectual or that involves willpower. From a peak usage of 1500 mg per day last year to presently having only 2 oz of normal coffee each morning. (20 mg about?) I’ve felt a sadness creeping in overContinue reading “Reading, running, caffeine withdrawal.”