Murder in Italy, a real life witch hunt.

Exchange student Amanda Knox is young, well-off, and pretty. She has won life’s lottery. Unfortunately, at this particular time and place, (2007 Perugia, Italy) she doesn’t fit in. The hippie from Seattle is one of only a few American immigrants in Perugia at this time, making her a minority even among the foreigner population. TheContinue reading “Murder in Italy, a real life witch hunt.”

Special Deliverance by Clifford D. Simak

With cover art by Michael Whelan. I believe the cover artists don’t get enough credit for these things. I wonder what sales would be like if every book was just a plain white cover with black text of the author and title. The cover and sales are of course irrelevant to how good the bookContinue reading “Special Deliverance by Clifford D. Simak”