Harpy High by Esther Friesner

A sequel that’s at least as good as Gnome Man’s Land, if not better, Harpy High is cartoony, imaginative, funny, and smart. A happy book too, there’s something about Friesner’s style that makes me feel better about life. She uses a lot of food and textile specific nouns, like cherry blintzes and pebbled silk. IContinue reading “Harpy High by Esther Friesner”

Gnome Man’s Land by Esther Friesner

I very much enjoyed this book by Esther Friesner, who is now tied with the late Hugh Cook for my favorite fantasy author. Very smart comedic fantasy, with excellent, interesting, and plentiful description of objects, characters, and scenes. Friesner brings the fantastic to vivid life with detail and clarity. In particular loved the settings ofContinue reading “Gnome Man’s Land by Esther Friesner”